Pot Roast | Dinner Ideas

Pot Roast | Dinner Ideas

Pot Roast | Dinner Ideas – This is a fairly easy but good Holiday Recipe for Beef Pot Roast.You should cook the roast low and slow. This has some advantages over cooking the meat as quickly as it can be cooked. By cooking it at a lower temperature the juices within the meat are retained and your final result will be more tender and retain more of the juices. Cooking slower also means that the meat will cook evenly, roasts are not always evenly shaped and you don’t want portions of your meat to be over cooked. So by slow cooking the roast, you will ensure that it will cook evenly.

Note: Let your Roast rest 10 to 15 min before carving for best results.

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Roast 3 – 5lbs (boneless chuck roast, Chuck shoulder, beef chuck arm)
5 – 6 small potatos
3 large oninons
Fresh Tyme
Beef bouillon (3 – 4 cups)
Salt and Pepper

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