What’s for Dinner? Mississippi Pot Roast | Slow Cooker

What’s for Dinner?  Mississippi Pot Roast | Slow Cooker

My besties mom was sick and in the hospital for an extended time. My friend was at the hospital everyday for months from the time visiting hours started and until she was told she had to leave. I wanted to cook her a meal that she could eat on all week. She has always loved my roast beef so I decided to make it for her. This is a quick and easy crockpot meal. My family loves this dinner. You can also get sub rolls and put provo cheese on it. Pop in the air fryer or oven to get it toasty and then add your meat. I also didn’t brown the roast on both sides like I normally do. This is totally up to you.

And yes, I keep saying pepperconi peppers. 😂

Please excuse how loud the TV is. My husband needs to get his hearing checked – real talk! He thinks that’s a normal volume.

All you need is:
Chuck Roast
1 Stick of Butter
Ranch Dressing Packet
Au Jus Packet
Peperoncino Peppers


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