Crock pot recipes: Roast

Crock pot recipes: Roast

Looking for crock pot recipes, this roast is so delicious. Makes the perfect easy dinner. Want more crock pot recipes, make sure and sign up for our Lazy day cooking club. 20+ recipes monthly. Get started for only $.99

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I remember having roast at my grandmother’s every Sunday and this recipe is just as good. It is super easy to make and you can put it on in the morning and have Friday night dinner ready when you get home.

This easy pot roast recipe will be a family favorite.

In the Lazy Day cooking club, you get 20+ recipe monthly for freezer cooking. Mix up all your meals, freeze them and then pull out dinner and put in the crock pot or slow cooker and dinner is done at the end of your day.
Get started for only $.99

Kitchen essentials
Cookbook bundle
Instant pot –
Crock pot – my favorite one –
I also love this slow cooker –
Knife I love –
Cutting boards –
My fav air fryer –
My fav magnetic spoons –
Can opener –
Measure cups and spoons –
Freezer bag holder –
Baking pans –

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