Mississippi Pot Roast in a Crock Pot with VENISON! Cooking with BUNJIE!

Mississippi Pot Roast in a Crock Pot with VENISON! Cooking with BUNJIE!

Cleaning out the freezer so I can defrost it to make room for the upcoming crossbow season! Made a great crockpot full of Mississippi Style Pot Roast, and I’m sharing it with you here. Turned out great.

1 venison roast cleaned up, 1 packet of ranch dip mix, 1 packet of au jus gravy mix (combine mixes and pour over roast in crockpot). Pour in jar of Pepperoncini peppers, liquid and all. Place a stick of butter on top and crock pot that combo for 8 hours or so on low. Enjoy! (Double the recipe for two roasts like I did here.)

This is not a channel about shooting big bucks. I don’t discriminate–I’ll shoot any legal deer. 😉

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