Mistakes Everyone Makes Using The Slow Cooker

Mistakes Everyone Makes Using The Slow Cooker

There is nothing better than coming back from a hard day’s work and enjoying the meal you put together with the help of a slow cooker earlier that morning. A slow-cooked meal usually means well-tenderized meats and hearty, flavorful dishes.

Beef roasts, curries, roasted potatoes, and even dishes that have Brussels sprouts and broccoli become enticing and welcomed treats for your senses when they’ve sat in a slow cooker all day.

To ensure that your slow cooking days stay merry and scrumptious, make sure to take a look at these mistakes that you might be making when using your slow cooker.

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Taking a peek | 0:00
Using expensive cuts | 0:49
Not searing meat first | 1:14
Cooking skin-on chicken | 1:51
Fresh vs. dry herbs | 2:28
Using the wrong size | 3:00
Adding dairy too soon | 3:31
Using too much alcohol | 3:59
Cooking frozen food | 4:32
Not layering correctly | 4:52
Not greasing | 5:07

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