Slow Cooker Leg of Lamb Crock Pot

Slow Cooker Leg of Lamb Crock Pot

Crock Pot Leg of Lamb


leg of lamb, preferably bone out3 1/2 lbs
olive oil1/4 cup
lemon juice1/2 cup
garlic cloves, crushed4-6
dried oregano1 teaspoon
nutmeg1 teaspoon
dried mint2 teaspoons
sugar1 teaspoon
white vinegar1/4 cup

Recipe Description :

Using the crock pot’s ceramic dish, mix together oil, lemon juice, garlic, oregano and nutmeg. Immerse leg of lamb into the mixture and cook on high for 6- 8 hours until falling apart. Just before removing meat from crock pot, mix together mint, sugar and vinegar in dish and microwave for 30 seconds until vinegar is hot enough to melt sugar. Remove meat to serving platter and pull apart with forks until you have chunky shreds of meat. Drizzle over mint vinegar and serve piping hot.

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