How Hunting Works in Alaska | From a Hunting Wife

How Hunting Works in Alaska | From a Hunting Wife

We often get questions about hunting in Alaska, so today I am answering some frequently asked questions in Hunting Alaska 101. Here are 10 things that will help you understand what it is like to hunt in Alaska and process the meat. This is not an exclusive list of rules and regulations and is meant for entertainment only, always consult official State of Alaska rules and regulations for up to date laws and information!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Hunting License
01:27 Hunting Permits
04:58 Hunting preparations
6:01 My first moose hunt
10:39 Passing on hunting traditions
12:15 children hunting
14:03 Butchering game meat
15:00 processing game meat
16:49 Cooking with game meat
19:24 roadkill program
21:04 special rules
22:26 My experience as an Alaska hunting wife

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Hello from Alaska! I’m Lauren and on This Alaska Life, you will get a glimpse into life in Alaska as a wife and mother of 4 boys. Come along for family adventures, cooking, daily life, and Alaska Grocery Shopping!

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