Crock Pot Roast Recipe — “Pot Roast Recipe”

Crock Pot Roast Recipe — “Pot Roast Recipe”

“Crock Pot Roast” – Pot Roast recipe is an old stand by that’s super easy and is very inexpensive. I hope you enjoy this slow cooker roast beef recipe as much as we do!

Pot Roast Recipe Ingredients:
– 1 Beef Roast – 3 – 4 pounds. Chuck Roast, Arm Roast, Etc.
– 1 Packet of Lipton’s Soup Onion Soup Mix
– 4 large potatoes of your choice, cleaned and chopped coarsely
– 6 carrots, cleaned and chopped coarsely
– Salt and Pepper to taste
– 1 – 2 cups of beef broth or water. Enough to go up about 1/2 up the beef roast

Pot Roast Cooking Instructions:
– Place the beef roast in the crock pot. Salt and pepper the roast thoroughly.
– Add the potatoes and carrots into the crock pot with the beef roast.
– Dump the Onion Soup mix onto the beef roast. Salt and pepper to taste
– Add the beef broth or water to the crock pot. About 1/2 up the roast.
– Turn the Crock pot to High and cook for 6+ hours or until the roast is tender and tears easily with a fork.

Enjoy your Crock Pot Roast!!

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