Anyone Can Make This 24 Hour OVEN Brisket (Surprising Results)

Anyone Can Make This 24 Hour OVEN Brisket (Surprising Results)

Brisket is one of my favorite cuts of beef and with a little patience and some techniques taken from the savvy culinary world of smoking meats you can end up with the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth brisket cooked 100% in your oven at home.

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Brisket Direction:
1. trim your brisket all the way around leaving a 1/4-1/3 inch layer of fat.
2. season your brisket with desired seasoning (rosemary salt recipe below)
3. bake your brisket at 250 f (120 c) until it reaches around 160 f (71 c)
4. wrap your brisket in butchers paper that’s been brushed with beef tallow and return
to the oven at 250 f (120 c) until it reaches 203 f (95 c)
5. remove the brisket from the oven and perform doneness tests until finally resting the brisket down
until it hits 160-170 f (71-76 c)
6. set your oven as low as it goes to match the temperate of the brisket at 160-170 f (71-76 c) and
place your brisket back into the warm oven for 10-12 hours
7. remove the brisket from the oven and let cool down to 150 f (65 c) before slicing and serving

Rosemary salt video

Rosemary salt recipe:
1 cup kosher salt
14 sprigs of rosemary stripped
8 sprigs of sage stripped
3-5 cloves of garlic (3 if they are big and 5 if small)
1 lemon zested

Rosemary salt weighted recipe:
250 grams of kosher salt
8 grams of fresh sage leaves
16 grams of fresh rosemary leaves
20 grams of fresh garlic
3 grams of fresh lemon zest



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