Carnivore Bootcamp – How To Start the Carnivore Diet in 2023 and Succeed

Carnivore Bootcamp – How To Start the Carnivore Diet in 2023 and Succeed

Learn how to get started on the carnivore diet in 2023. Today is the best day to start! Sustainable and practical tips and tricks from Carnivore Soldier, a retired Army Officer. Bootcamp is where we send civilian recruits to tech them how to adopt the military culture and way of life. This video will help you adopt the carnivore Way Of Eating (WOE) as a new healthy lifestyle. The best day to start is today!

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I’m a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer living the carnivore lifestyle since March 22nd, 2023. I lost 30lbs in the first 90 days, and have become much healthier in the process. Join me as I give a military perspective on the carnivore WOE, find great recipes, learn tips and tricks, and gain insight on practical ways to fit the carnivore diet into your life! If you follow me, I’m going to be your “Battle Buddy”, setting you up for success!

Follow these Carnivore thought leaders! They all guided me on my journey…

00:00 Introduction
00:23 The Battlefield
00:43 Boot Camp
01:46 My Experience With Carnivore (So Far)
02:20 Motivation And Planning
03:53 Battle Buddies
04:48 How To Start The Diet
10:25 Snacking
11:52 Marching Orders

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