Instant Pot Best Mississippi Pot Roast

Instant Pot Best Mississippi Pot Roast

Recipe Here!:

Due to the wildly unprecedented success of my traditionalBest Pot Roastrecipe in the Instant Pot, I felt I had to visit its sassy Southern sister, the Mississippi Pot Roast!

This roast differs from the traditional Pot Roast in the fact that the gravy strikes a balance of rich AND tangy at the same time and when paired with how fork-tender the roast becomes, it tastes like the most prestigious short ribs you’ll ever have – without being short ribs.

And despite peperoncini being the core ingredient, once cooked, they aren’t spicy at all! It’s sort of like magic how spice transforms into tangy and makes the roast into something so grand, you’ll be making this one often. SO if you fear spice, DO NOT fear this dish. It’s completely mild.

The best part? Laughably easy to make and it’ll be done quicker than it takes Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn to take an afternoon raft ride on the Mississippi.

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