The Ultimate Beef Pot Roast Comparison! The Bearded Butchers

The Ultimate Beef Pot Roast Comparison! The Bearded Butchers Visit our DIY Section to get EVERYTHING you need to process your own meat at home!

It’s fall and it’s getting chilly so it’s time to talk about slow cooker pot roast. Seth will take a front and a hind quarter of beef and answer those burning questions; what is roast beef, what is pot roast, and which cut of beef makes the best roast? There’s a lot that goes into answering what cut of meat is roast beef and since we’re the Bearded Butchers, there’s not just 1 answer. So, grab your Crock-Pot and follow along as you decide your favorite.

A couple of terms to keep in mind as you watch. The main question is; what is the difference between pot roast and roast beef? Quite simply, roast beef is cooked dry and pot roast (think Crock-Pot roast) is immersed in a liquid for cooking. Today’s video is 100% pot roast, all the roasts are cooked 2/3 submerged in water and they all turned out fantastic! Which one is best? You’ll have to watch to find out!

12:55 – All about THE Original Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning ( The only thing we’re using for the roasts is Original Blend seasoning with 4 cups of water in each slow cooker. Each roast will get cooked for 10 hours on low.

15:31 – Scott’s hot tip! Use the roast as a “mop” so you don’t miss any of that delicious seasoning!

17:47 – This is the single best side-by-side comparison of the different visuals, characteristics, and serving tips of the common types of roast beef or pot roast that you will ever see. Watch this if you want to literally become a beef pot roast expert in under 3 minutes.

21:02 – Something to keep in mind. If your beef pot roast is too tough, there’s only one thing wrong with it. You didn’t cook it long enough.

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2:58 – Starting with the beef chuck roast. The chuck roast comes from the front shoulder. There are boneless and bone-in options for the beef chuck roast. In the bone-in option, you can cut right along the blade bone to cut out the beef chuck eye for your boneless chuck roast.
4:46 – The beef arm roast is next. This is what people generally think of in terms of a classic pot roast or roast beef. It has the nice, large, round bone in the center with a lot of tasty marrow. Cut off one half for the boneless version or keep the other half as your bone-in version. At this point, you’ll see that the chuck has a little more fat vs the leaner arm roast.
6:21 – With the arm roasts and chuck roasts out of the front quarter, it’s time to move to the beef hind quarter for the rest of the roasts. A beef round tip (aka a beef sirloin tip) comes from the hind quarter and Seth will be cutting a nice beef eye of round roast from here. The beef tri-tip comes from here too so be careful when you’re cutting the round tip out of the hind quarter.
7:52 – The Beef round tip is a great option for BBQ beef. This makes a great, lean roast and there’s only a boneless option.
8:19 – The beef eye of round is next and is separate from the beef round tip. Remove the round tip and the loin from the hind quarter, then seam out the eye of round. There are 3 main muscles; top round, bottom round, and eye of round. Any of the 3 will make a good roast but we used eye of round for the video.

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