Alison cooks lamb and brothy chickpeas (really) slowly | Home Movies with Alison Roman

Alison cooks lamb and brothy chickpeas (really) slowly | Home Movies with Alison Roman

We’re back from Thanksgiving and the holidays are upon us. Whether you hosted Thanksgiving or were the guest who set the table, you probably ate turkey and you probably are okay with saying “until next November!” That’s why this week, we’re cooking lamb and we’re cooking chickpeas… at the same time…unsupervised… for 10 – 12 hours. Yes, gentle heat over a long period of time = phenomenal. The lamb is acidic, tangy, and pull aparty, and the chickpeas are spicy and brothy. They’re a match made in heaven, improved only by a side of bitter wilted greens (with anchovies, obviously) and some lemony greek yogurt. People are coming over, what do you do? Trust the process. Let the lamb do its thing, don’t open any lids, and show some patience. Good things come to those who wait (and get a full night’s sleep while their food cooks).

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00:15 Slow Cooked Lamb with Brothy Chickpeas
03:09 Thank you, Maker’s Mark!
04:30 Prep the lamb, potatoes, and herbs
10:52 Prep the chickpeas (throw in a bay leaf)!
13:50 10 easy hours later
13:55 Keep adding greens, keep wilting
17:24 Garlicky yogurt (nyum nyum)
18:55 So lamby, so delicious
20:45 Setting the table because people are coming over

Director: Daniel Hurwitz (@dannyhurwitz)
DP: Sean Ryan
B-Cam: Erron Francis (@viewsfromtheattic)
Audio: Yves Albaret (@yvesarmand)
Editor: Rick Symonds
Food Assist: Rebecca Firkser

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