Ultimate Grilling & Barbecue Guide: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Ultimate Grilling & Barbecue Guide: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Welcome to my ultimate grilling and barbecue guide. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting out, this video is packed with tips, tricks, and recipes that will elevate your grilling game, including a sneaky favourite dessert of mine at the end.

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Chicken spatchcock with peri peri marinade: https://www.andy-cooks.com/blogs/recipes/chicken-spatchcock-with-peri-peri-marinade
Grilled corn with mayo, lime and tajin: https://www.andy-cooks.com/blogs/recipes/grilled-corn-with-mayo-lime-and-tajin
Reverse sear tri-tip: https://www.andy-cooks.com/blogs/recipes/reverse-sear-tri-tip
Grilled sweet potato with chilli crisps: https://www.andy-cooks.com/blogs/recipes/grilled-sweet-potato-with-chilli-crisps
Beef, capsicum and red onion skewers: https://www.andy-cooks.com/blogs/recipes/beef-capsicum-and-red-onion-skewers
Grilled pineapple with ricotta and hot honey: https://www.andy-cooks.com/blogs/recipes/grilled-pineapple-with-ricotta-and-hot-honey

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Director, Chef and Host: Andy
Videographer, Editor: Mitch Henderson
Production Manager: Dazz Braeckmans
Editor: Caleb Dawkins

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