6 Festive Meal Masterpieces Revealed!

6 Festive Meal Masterpieces Revealed!

(1) Roast Leg of Lamb. Slow Cooked with Garlic, Sage and Rosemary. Perfect roast leg of lamb every time with this recipe. You cannot beat a Spring roast leg of lamb, usually under five months old, probably the ultimate Sunday roast. It’s actually quite easy to make, just follow a few simple steps and your lamb will be to die for. This one has the bone still attached, hence making it tastier and extra moist which is my preference. It’s cooked at a lower temperature for a longer time resulting in more even cooking throughout plus juicier. Use woody rosemary if you can, it will be easier to insert.If you don’t have a roasting rack, cut a peeled onion in two and place your lamb leg on the onion so it sits higher than the liquid.Lamb is a wine friendly meat, so have it with a nice bottle of medium to full bodied red, like a Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon.

(2) Duck Fat Roast Potatoes. These duck fat roasted potatoes are the best you will taste in your life!No oil or butter compares to duck fat roast potatoes.These duck fat roasted potatoes are the best you will taste in your life! Once you start using duck fat, there’s no coming back!
You can cut the potatoes how you like, but if you have more sides, just keep turning them over in the oven every 15 minutes or less.

(3) If the traditional Christmas turkey is getting you into a food rut, why not give a delicious twist to it this time? This Italian Sausage & Chestnut Stuffed Turkey Breast Roulade wrapped in pancetta will tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Start with a rolled turkey breast as the base, stuff it with chestnuts, Italian sausage, pine nuts, herbs, and seasonings, then cook it till perfection. The combination of succulent butter rubbed turkey breast together with juicy Italian sausage and chestnuts is irresistible! When it is done roasting, you’ll be presented with an aromatic masterpiece that not only looks appetising, but also tastes irresistible. It’s the perfect main dish to bring your holiday gathering to life and wow your guests in one bite! Serve it with homemade turkey gravy that absorbed all the beautiful flavourings. This stylish dish is sure to make your dinner party guests impressed by your culinary prowess. Serve it hot off the oven and enjoy an amazing Italian-inspired dish that will have everyone coming back for seconds!

(4) Roasted Duck a l’orange. A classic French dish. Duck a l’orange or as know in French, canard a l’orange is a fancy and classic French dish, that you can make at home. It can also be braised, but this version is roasted. For a beautiful tender meat, the duck is first covered and almost steamed in an oven for approx. 80 minutes. It’s then uncovered and finished roasting to obtain that beautiful brown crispy skin. Keep the excess duck fat, that is gold! So nice with duck fat roasted potatoes, see my recipe. Make sure you scrape those dark bits of caramelisation in the bottom of the pan, and mix them well. That’s the flavour to your jus and the sauce will be incredible. When serving, pour the sauce around the duck so you retain that nice crispiness in the skin. Great served with green beans and roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat of course!

(5) Homemade Eggnog. Brandy, nutmeg and simplicity make it perfect!
Homemade eggnog just wouldn’t be the same without brandy and nutmeg! Not only do they add a deep, rich flavour to this iconic holiday beverage, but the combination of nutmeg and brandy provides an added warmth that’s sure to linger. You could also add some crushed ice, freshly grated nutmeg and a little drinking chocolate powder on top.Whether you like yours extra creamy or downright boozy like me, with a generous sprinkling of nutmeg or an extra splash of brandy, savour each sip of homemade eggnog. One of the most popular holiday beverages around!

(6) Caramelised Brussels Sprouts With Pancetta
Caramelised and glazed in butter with balsamic vinegar
A tasty side dish that could be eaten on its own. Some seem to believe that the humble sprout is the world’s least popular vegetable, I’m sure even the Brussels sprout atheists would fast convert after tasting this awesome side dish. Enjoy it as a great side dish, perfect for Christmas!

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