THIS Pot Roast is Better Than Beef Bourguignon

THIS Pot Roast is Better Than Beef Bourguignon

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▪3-5lb/1.5-2kg Beef chuck roast
▪225g (5 large) Shallot or onion, chunky diced
▪225g (3 large) Carrots, cut into obliques
▪225g (4-6 stalks) Celery, cut into 1-2”/3-5cm pieces
▪20g (4-5 cloves) Garlic, minced
▪Neutral, high smokepoint oil (canola, vegetable, soy, avocado)
▪50g (3 1/2T) unsalted butter
▪25g (1 1/2 tomato paste
▪25g (3T) flour (all purpose or gluten free flour blend. I used bob’s red mill 1 to 1)
▪150g (2/3c) red wine
▪25g (1 1/2T) worcestershire
▪15g (1T) better than bouillon beef base
▪750g (3c) beef stock
▪2 bay leaves
▪3-4 springs fresh thyme

Liberally salt all sides of the chuck roast and allow it to sit at room temp for 20 minutes.

While the beef brines, prep the veggies. Cut shallot into a chunky dice. Cut celery into 1-2”/3-5cm long planks. Cut carrots into obliques (see video @1:26) or a large chunky dice. Mince garlic.

Before searing, dry beef very well on all sides with a towel.

Preheat a dutch oven or large heavy-bottomed pot over high heat. Add a long squeeze of neutral oil. Drop in salted roast and press the meat down into the pan. Sear for 6-7 minutes until a brown crust has formed. Flip and sear on the second side for 5-6min. Transfer to a plate.

Return the pot to medium heat and add 50g of butter, followed by veggies, garlic, and a large pinch of salt. Stir and cook to caramelize and slightly soften for about 3 min. Add tomato paste. Stir and saute for about 2 minutes until it has taken on a darker rusty color. Stir in flour for 30-60 sec.

Add in wine, worcestershire and stir to deglaze solids on the bottom of the pot. When slightly thickened, add better than bouillon and stock. Bring to a simmer. When simmering, snuggle the seared beef into the pot so that it’s touching the bottom of the pot. Add bay and thyme.

Add a probe thermometer if you have one, set the temp to 195F/90C. cover the pot leaving the lid slightly ajar, and load into a 275F/135C oven to cook for 4-5 hours. Checking on the beef in about 2 hours when the temp hits 195F. Check the meat at this point. It shouldn’t be shreddable yet. Return the lid to the pot, and return the pot to the oven to cook for about 2-3 more hours, checking the roast gain at the 4-4.5 hour mark. You’re now looking to maintain the temperature of about 190-205F/90C for a few more hours until the meat is fork tender and shreddable, but does not totally fall apart. If internal temp rises above this temp, turn down the oven to maintain 190-205F/90C. When done, you’ll be able to easily pull the meat apart with forks. Taste sauce for seasoning and add salt if needed.

Allow beef to rest in the cooking liquids for about 30 minutes while you finish your potatoes.

Serve a chunk of beef on top of baked bashed potatoes along with a few of the roasted veggies and extra sauce.

Adam Ragusea’s Pot Roast with Mashed Baked Potatoes: />
6 russet potatoes
115g (8Tbsp) unsalted butter
Sour cream

Peel potatoes and warp each with foil. Bake on a sheet tray at 275F/135C for about 2 hours until they’re tender and easily mashable.

Add potatoes to a tall sided pot along with a few large pinches of salt, the butter, and a large dollop (or more) of sour cream. Mash together until chunky but soft. Taste for seasoning.

0:00 Intro and prep
2:28 Searing the beef
3:10 Building the pot roast sauce
4:37 Braising the chuck roast in the oven
7:44 Making baked mashed potatoes and finishing the braise


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