BEST Carnitas 🔥 fall off the bone! #short #meat #pork #easyrecipe #carnitas

BEST Carnitas 🔥 fall off the bone! #short #meat #pork #easyrecipe #carnitas

Carnitas (Pork Shoulder) in the slow cooker 🤤

Making carnitas in the slow cooker has to be one of my favorite styles to make. This meat is so versatile it can go on literally anything.


Bone in Pork Shoulder

Kosher Salt

Chili flakes @spicetribe

Sofrito @spicetribe

Poblano powder @spicetribe

Coriander @spicetribe

3 packs of Sazon @goya

Black Garlic Adobo @spicetribe

EVOO @garciadelacruz

2 sliced oranges

2 white onions sliced

1 ½ c. Orange juice

1 tbsp. Better than Bouillon Chicken Base

¼ c. Water

Score the back of the pork shoulder with a sharp knife.

Add all the seasonings listed to the prok.

Drizzle EVOO all over.

Rub spices all over from front to back.

In a pot set to medium high heat add a little oil.

Once the oil is hot, add your seasoned pork shoulder fat side down.

Sear until golden brown. On all sides.

Remove from heat and in that same pan add oj, better than bouillon chicken and water. And mix together.

Add in onions and oranges.

Add the seared pork shoulder to the crock pot.

Add in the moisture and oranges to the slow cooker.

Cover and slow cook on medium for 4-5 hrs.

Once it’s fork tender it’s ready to serve!

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