How I Live A Slow Living Lifestyle As A Busy Worker With A 9-5 Job | minimalism

How I Live A Slow Living Lifestyle As A Busy Worker With A 9-5 Job | minimalism

A video about how I practise slow living and living simply as a minimalist with a 9-5 job and busy work schedule.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re living in a world that does everything to prevent us from slowing down. This can make living in the present moment difficult and hard for us to find a healthy balance within our lives.
As a busy worker with a 9-5 job I found myself stuck in a cycle of constant productivity with no time for rest or to be still in the present moment. However, since adopting a slow living lifestyle and minimalist approach I found myself living more intentionally in the moments I do have control over that enabled me to find a better balance and work more productively because of it.
Against the common consensus more work does not amount to productivity and it’s actually the quality of the results that matter most. Work and rest work in tandem with on another and I have been able to utilise this by living more intentionally and balancing slow living with the demands of a busy work schedule.

I hope this video is helpful if you’re struggling to find balance as a busy worker. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts! Please like, share & subscribe if you haven’t already too 😊

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